3 Dancing Monkeys Demo Slot by Pragmatic Play now Available for Free Play

3 Dancing Monkeys Demo Slot Pragmatic Play

Scheduled to be released by Pragmatic Play on the 17th of April 2023 we at demoslotsfun.com are once again able to bring you the exclusive sneak peak preview by making the 3 Dancing Monkeys demo slot version available to play for free on our site from today.

If you are at all familiar with Asia then you will likely know the legend of the three wise monkeys that see n evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. These three monkeys however are not quite like that as these are rather more cute cartoon versions that seem more interested in having fun by dancing all over the reels of this rather sleekly designed slot by Pragmatic Play.

Load the 3 Dancing Monkeys demo slot and you will find yourself looking at an Asian themed slot done very much in a cartoon style albeit a very polished one with state of the art graphics, animations and a soundtrack that really helps set the scene.

All the action takes place on a 5×3 grid that can be expanded up to 5×5 by one of the three different coloured monkeys. This results in up to 243 ways to win and is combined with a maximum return to player % of 96%. As Pragmatic Play is want to do this slot does come with a variable RTP and there are settings of 95% and 94% that an online casino can decide to use instead of the solid 96% maximum setting.

3 Dancing Monkeys is a highly volatile slot but that volatility is matched by the maximum win amount which clocking in at 12077x your bet might be an unusual number but nevertheless a very good one especially when you usually get around 5000x as the norm for a slot machine like this.

For those of you that always like to know even more numbers Pragmatic Play have shared with us the following details, Base game hit frequency 1 in 2.74, Free spins hit frequency 1 in 145.19, Max win hit frequency 1 in 153,846,153 and Odds for > 1000x hit frequency 1 in 36,308.

Now as we stated above and as the title pretty much tells you there are 3 monkeys represented by three different coloured gems on the reels.

Each monkey results in a different modifier ranging from increasing the grid to the maximum of 5×5 to increasing the number of wilds on the reels and finally adding multipliers into the equation.

These work pretty well during the base game but are even more fun and rewarding during the free spins round which you can either wait to trigger for an average of 145.19 spins or simply buy instantly at a price of 100x your bet.

We always try both just to see how long it actually takes us in the first case and to see what kind of results we get using the buy feature in the case of the second.

We did hit 1000x+ several times out of the 4 times that we tried it but 2 out of 4 our free spins round was a bust when trying it with demo money so make of that what you will.

We did have fun playing the 3 Dancing Monkeys slot demo though, its not overtly complicated but the features that it has work very well.

Its not likely going to be an immensely popular slot like some of Pragmatic Play’s most famous releases but we do think it will get played quite a bit upon release and of course for free on our site.

You can play the free demo version by visiting our Pragmatic Play demo slot section where we have made the demo of this slot and several other upcoming Pragmatic slots available for you to try.