Behold! Book of Books demo slot by Peter and Sons now available to play on our site!

Book of Books Demo Slot

Hark, good folk! Rejoice, for a wondrous new slot hath arrived in our fair kingdom. A creation of the esteemed Peter and Sons, Book of Books is a five-reel, forty-payline game set in the midst of medieval times. ‘Tis now available for thy playing pleasure, free of charge, on our very own site!

This slot offers an RTP of 96.1%, high volatility, and a potential win of up to 10,000 times thy bet. But that is not all, dear friends! Book of Books also cometh with a collector feature that bestows power-ups when thou dost enter the bonus game. The longer thou tarriest in the base game, the more power-ups thou shalt gather, and the more profitable thy bonus round shall be.

But do not be too hasty to enter the bonus round, for scatter symbols doth still appear on the reels, and they doth offer benefits that could make thy journey even more prosperous. Two scatters shall grant thee one spin and one random power-up, while three scatters shall bestow upon thee three spins and one random power-up. If thy luck should bring forth four scatters, thou shalt be granted five spins, one random power-up, and the playfield shall be enlarged to a 5×4 layout. And if the heavens should smile upon thee with five scatters, thou shalt receive seven spins, a power-up, and the maximum 5×5 playfield size!

Ah, but perhaps thou art impatient and desireth to hasten thy progress? Fear not, for the creators have wisely included a bonus buy feature with three options to aid thee on thy quest. And shouldst thou collect enough power-ups and grow weary of waiting for the bonus round to arrive, thou mayest enable the golden bet option to expedite thy journey.

So, fair maidens and noble knights, waste not another moment and journey forth to our Peter and Sons demo section to experience the marvels of Book of Books. May the fates smile upon thee and may thy winnings be bountiful!