Discover the Mythology of Ancient Greece with Cresus Fortunes Demo Slot by iSofbet

Cresus Fortunes Demo Slot iSoftbet

Do you have an interest in Ancient Greek Mythology and slots? Then Cresus Fortunes demo slot by iSoftbet might just be a slot machine that is worth checking out. Officially released in March of 2023 we at are once again able to make the demo version of this iSoftbet slot available for you to play for free well before this date.

Regular visitors to our site will be aware that we ourselves enjoy playing demo slots because they are fun and often have a story or some actual history to share. Before today we had no idea who Cresus was but having been given access to the Cresus Fortunes demo slot we of course had to do some research to find out.

Turns out that once again Google was our friend and having been referred to Wikipedia we discovered that Cresus was a king who ruled one of the kingdoms that make up what is now modern Greece from around 585 BC until he was defeated by the Persian King Cyrus the Great around 547 or 546 BC. Overall his rule is said to have lasted 14 years.

All interesting facts and since we are never to old to learn we appreciate the fact that a demo slot led us in this direction illustrating exactly one of the main reasons why we like them.

And since we love sharing our new found education with you we are also going to let you know that Cresus was known mainly for his immense wealth and that would explain why when we loaded the Cresus Fortunes demo slot we were looking at a scene that reminded us of another figure from mythology called Midas who of course was known for the fact that anything he touched turned to gold.

Start the demo version of this slot yourself and you are going to find yourself looking at a room full of treasure with an intricately draw King Cresus holding court on the left hand side of the reels.

We rather like this cartoon style which reminds us a lot of slots by Peter and Sons that are well known for this type of look and feel.

Whereas iSoftbet have released a lot of high variance slots in the last 6 months this one is one that is aimed at players that like a bit more friendliness in their slot machines and this is reflected by the low volatility and lower but still decent maximum win amount of 1200x your bet.

The action takes place on a a 5 reel grid with 20 paylines which is of course a fairly traditional setup. The RTP as is usually the case with iSoftbet is a very good 96%.

That just leaves us to take a look at the gameplay and we have some good news if you enjoyed playing the various Hold & Win slots that iSoftbet have released in the past.

This is yet another slot whose main card is that feature although it has been spiced up a lot thanks to the use of reel modifiers which introduce several new elements into the classic Hold & Win game.

So if you are looking for a more casual slot with an interesting and fun historical theme to play then be sure to check out the Cresus Fortunes demo slot which you can play by visiting our iSoftbet demo slots section. We add new demo slots on a fairly regular basis as iSoftbet does tend to release quite a large number of slot machines each year so check back often for more exclusive early demo access to their slot machines.