Enjoy the tropical island vibes with the Wild Wild Bananas demo slot by Pragmatic Play

Wild Wild Bananas Demo Slot

Experience the tropical island vibes with the Wild Wild Banana slot by Pragmatic Play which is due to be released world wide on the 9th of January 2023 but whose demo slot can already be played for free on our website demoslotsfun.com.

Start the Wild Wild Bananas demo slot and you will be transported to a lush island setting with plenty of palm trees, sea, sun and of course bananas and monkeys.

There are in fact plenty of animals to be found on the reels and these include toucans, snakes, monkeys and in addition you will notice a boy holding a torch who also makes an appearance from time to time.

Wild Wild Bananas is first of all a visually impressive slot machine with a lot of attention being paid to the small details resulting in what can only be described as an immersive tropical experience.

Add to this a rather catchy tune and you will likely (as we did) really look forward to spinning the reels just to see what Pragmatic Play have come for this release.

And that brings us to the numbers of this slot starting with the reels of which there are 5 on a grid which can be as large as 5×8. It is a little bit of an unusual layout for sure but interesting and resulting in 578 possible ways to win.

The RTP on this slot machine is 96.1% although there are 2 lower settings that can be used by an online casino should they decide to do so. The variance on this slot has been rated as high although not quite the maximum, we will give it a 4/5 for volatility which is not bad when you see that the maximum win amount when playing Wild Wild Bananas is 12000x your bet.

This is well above what we normally see for a slot like this although the number is of course calculated over a huge number of spins. Nevertheless this is a slot aimed at those that like the high risk high reward slot machines and it is certainly capable of handing you a big win at any time.

So how do you land a big win when playing Wild Wild Bananas? They key really is the free spins round although you can win a fixed jackpot of up to 500x your bet during the base game.

Trigger the free spins though and the usual money collect feature but with additional money and wild symbols present on the reels.

What also comes into play is the Golden Money symbol and this is the one that you really want to see appear as it can increase the number of ways to win, it stacks and it will also award you extra free spins when the maximum of 8 high symbols is achieved. It’s a great feature although it will only give you extra spins one time for each time you trigger the free spins.

Sounds complicated? It really is rather simple but if you are looking for a slot that has plenty of winning potential, a fun theme and solid numbers look no further than the Wild Wild Bananas slot whose demo can be found on our Pragmatic Play demo slot page along with all the latest Pragmatic Play slot machines.