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Are you looking to play free demo slot games but do not want to download any software or an application? Well then is definitely the website for you as this is exactly what we have been offering for a number of years and one of the main reasons why our website is one of the most popular free demo slot game websites in the world.

At Demo Slots Fun you can in fact play over 3000 slots by all the leading providers for free for as long as you would like as long as you are not from the UK (for legal reasons) and are over the age of 18.

And even if you are from the UK then we have found a legal alternative so that you also can play free demo slot games that require no download at all.

In fact you do not even need to register on our website to play slots for free and we do not store any data about our visitors at all as we are strong believers in privacy.

Yes our site might be free but using your data for any reason like many free sites do is just wrong and we have had this policy in place ever since we founded

And in case you are wondering (and we are sure that some of you are) we do not just offer old and existing slots by just a few providers like quite a few sites seem to do.

We have in fact partnered with quite a few providers of slot machines and do list slots by over 130 different companies at the time of writing this post.

We actually expect that number to grow even more as more companies continue to enter the slot games space but it would be fair to say that already we are one of the most comprehensive free demo slot games resources in the world.

And thanks to these partnerships we are actually able to let you play demo slot games for slot machines that have not been released and that are likely not found on any other (or very few) websites in the world.

We firmly believe that slot games are fun to play in demo mode and we really enjoy playing them ourselves. Although we do play for real money ourselves at times we do not recommend gambling with any more money that you can easily afford to lose and to only do so at reputable online casinos.

You will notice that we do not spam you with advertisements and list hundreds of casinos (once again like most sites tend to do), instead we list very few and these generally speaking are online casinos where we play ourselves.

So welcome to demo slots fun, we hope you will enjoy the free demo slot games no download and if you like (or do not like) any of our demo slots please take a moment to leave a rating on any slot machine as this feedback is important to us, other players and of course to the developers who value any feedback that they receive from us and our audience.