Get a Taste of the Tropics with Club Tropicana Demo Slot

Club Tropicana Demo Slot

Club Tropicana is the latest upcoming slot machine developed by Reel Kingdom and to be released by Pragmatic Play. As is the case with all slots made by these companies the Club Tropicana demo slot is available to play for free on

As the title suggests this Tropical themed slot will take you on a much deserved holiday to the Caribbean where there is plenty of suns and wins to be found.

Play this slot and you will quickly discover our main character who will likely look very familiar if you have played any of the fishing themed slot machines that Reel Kingdom and Pragmatic Play have released previously.

Clearly spending so much time fishing felt more like a job then a hobby and he needed a time out which explains why there are no fish to be found anywhere on the reels or in the background.

Admittedly he does look very happy so Cuba must be a nice holiday destination as that appears to be where he is. If you are a fan of the 80’s band Wham and their hit song “Club Tropicana’ and were hoping to find some hints of them in the design or in the soundtrack we are going to have to disappoint you but the good news is that there are plenty of things that those that like the earlier Pragmatic Play fishing slots will enjoy.

In fact this slot really does play like all of those slots do, instead of fish there are cash symbols on the reels and much in the same way you need a collector symbol to “reel” them in.

The free spins round (pretty much as you would expect it to be) is the most exciting part of the Club Tropicana demo slot though as it awards you 10 free spins which can be retriggered if you manage to fill up a glass by landing more scatters on the reels.

A progressive multiplier of up to 10x comes into play which is certainly capable of handing you a big win.

Are there then no downsides to this taste of tropical paradise? Well yes there are a couple and as we usually do we are now going to point them out to you.

The first thing that can affect real money play on the Club Tropicana slot is the fact that like all slots made by Reel Kingdom and Pragmatic Play the RTP is actually adjustable by the online casino.

There are three settings and they are 96.08%, 95.07% and 94.07%. Now to anyone not really familiar with RTP the difference of 1 or 2% might not seem like much but over the long run this is going to affect things resulting in a higher percentage going to the online casino. Personally at we feel that all non progressive jackpot slot machines should have an RTP of 96% or very close to it and we will not play slots for real money that do not meet this standard.

However this is of course a personal choice and you might well feel differently. The second thing we feel quite strongly about is the fact that the 5000x your bet maximum win amount that we normally see with slots like this has been lowered to 4000x your bet. This is of course still a good number but us being us we always like to see higher maximum win amounts especially when the variance of Club Tropicana is still stated to be high by Pragmatic Play.

All in all though this slot while bringing nothing new to the table does make for a nice change of scenery from lakes, rivers and the ocean to a more sunny paradise where we would not mind spending some time especially when playing the Club Tropicana slot demo and writing this post.