Get Your Sugar Fix with Pragmatic Play’s Sweet Bonanza Demo Slot

Sweet Bonanza Demo Slot

Launched on the 27th of June, 2019 Sweet Bonanza was one of the slots that really put Pragmatic Play on the map. Till this day the Sweet Bonanza demo slot is one of the most popular slots on

So what makes Sweet Bonanza such a great slot machine with lasting popularity? Well you can either try the Sweet Bonanza demo slot on our website right now or have us try and explain the reasons for the enormous success that this slot enjoys until this very day.

On order to create a slot there are certain conditions that will usually be met. First of all you are going to need to create a theme that has universal and mass market appeal across many demographics.

Take a look at the Sweet Bonanza slot demo and you will see that it is an candy/fruit themed slot machine with lots of vibrant colors and great animations, a clever theme especially when the visuals are coupled with a great soundtrack and cute sounds effects that get triggered when certain features becomes active.

It really is a slot that invites you to play it and this is definitely one of the reasons why Sweet Bonanza is such a great slot.

But just having a great theme is not a recipe for greatness, you need to back the theme with some fantastic gameplay and that is certainly what the Pragmatic Play design team came up with when they created this slot machine.

Let us take a quick look at the numbers that make up this slot. It is a 6 reel slot and the first slot by Pragmatic that features a pay anywhere system. The RTP at the maximum setting is a very respectable 96.5% and the maximum win does justice to the high volatility by clocking in at a massive 21000x your bet which in 2019 was even more impressive than it is today.

Spin the reels of Sweet Bonanza and you will see the now familiar tumble mechanic which if you are anything like us you will enjoy immensely. There is something very satisfying about stringing together long series of wins with ever increasing multipliers on a single spin and there is nothing like the feeling when you suddenly lose the streak and have to start over.

In short it is just a very engaging slot that keeps you involved as there always seems to be something happening even if it is a high variance slot machine.

And to add to that Pragmatic Play incorporated a free spins round where those multipliers can go up to 500x your bet which of course can result in some massive wins.

Small wonder then that Youtube and Twitch were quickly filled with Big Win videos of Sweet Bonanza that are still watched and added to until this very day.

In short this is a slot where Pragmatic Play got all the ingredients pretty much perfectly right, its always hard to point out exactly what will make for a great slot machine but this was definitely one of them which was followed by quite a few similar slots by both Pragmatic Play and other developers hoping to cash in on the success.

So be sure to check out our Pragmatic Play demo slot section and give this fantastic Sweet Bonanza slot and its successors a spin or two to see what all the fuss is about.