Go Bananas with the Action Boost Gorilla Gems demo slot by Spinplay Games

Action Boost Gorilla Gems demo slot Spinplay Games

Gorilla Gems by Spinplay Games while not scheduled to be released until the 18th of February 2023 is already available to play as a free demo slot on demoslotsfun.com. With a fun theme that features state of the art visuals and sounds as well as some quite exciting gameplay this is a slot that you will definitely want to give a spin or two for free.

Load the Action Boost Gorilla Gems demo slot and it is possible that like us you might have to look at the visuals a bit longer to appreciate the subtlety of the design. At a first glance they almost look dated and the slots seems to give of a bit of a classic land based casino slot vibe.

Give it a few moments and a few spins though and it does become obvious that this a quality theme with nicely designed animations, a killer soundtrack and just really nicely made visuals.

But before we get to the gameplay let’s take a look at the numbers for this upcoming slot by Spinplay Games which will be released under the Games Global umbrella.

It’s a 5 reel slot with 20 paylines although this number can go up under certain conditions to 40. As is always the case with Games Global and Spinplay slots the return to player is adjustable by online casino operators although above 96% at the highest setting. As you would expect from a slot machine that has a maximum win amount of 5000x your bet the variance is stated to be high by the developer.

So we have ourselves a slot with a fun and well executed theme and decent numbers which when we first saw them both definitely made us want to play the demo version.

And we are happy that we did because the gameplay is actually more than decent. Granted the base game might not be the most exciting but by collecting the banana shaped jewels you can trigger three different things or essentially three different free spins rounds with even more options as you can technically trigger more than one at once.

The green bananas will grant you an increase in the number of paylines by expanding the grid as well as bringing nudging wilds into play. The red bananas on the other hand let you play for jackpots with the highest being 5000x your bet. And finally there are the purple bananas which result in multipliers and retriggers.

In our experience playing the demo slot just one of these was capable of creating some excitement and handing us a big win and things only get better when you trigger more than one.

So while this might not be the most complicated slot it does illustrate that with just a couple of decent features that work well together you can create what in essence is a very good slot machine.

Granted we might not be that happy with the adjustable RTP ranges that most providers now use for their slots as well and we always like to see higher maximum win amounts.

Visit the Spinplay Games demo slot section to try the free demo version of this one and you however will likely conclude like us that this is at heart a pretty decent slot machine from this developer.