Going down the Rabbit Hole with The Red Queen demo slot by Pragmatic Play

The Red Queen demo slot Pragmatic Play

The Red Queen demo slot by Pragmatic Play is one that we are especially pleased to be able to make available to visitors of demoslotsfun.com well before this slot is officially released by Pragmatic on the 30th of March 2023.

Ever since we heard from the provider that they were going to release this slot we were quite excited as some of the most fun slots that we have played have had themed related to Alice in Wonderland and this is of course what The Red Queen theme is based on albeit with Pragmatic Play’s own version of the Rabbit, the Mad Hatter and the Queen, ie The White Rabbit, The Kooky Hatter and the Red Queen. Load the Red Queen demo slot and you are going to find yourself at one of the best looking themes that we have seen from Pragmatic Play in quite some time.

We really like these characters they are very nicely designed as is the background and each and every symbol that makes an appearance on the reels.

Speaking of which there are 5 of those and 3 rows when you start the base game although the bonus game will add another row making it a 5×4 slot machine.

Return to player wise we are looking at the now familiar adjustable RTP ranges that Pragmatic Play uses for their slots with the highest RTP setting being 96.06% and the lowest being 94.05% as well as 95.05% which is obviously between the two.

At the highest setting it is more than acceptable for real money play especially seeing as how the maximum win amount is 5000x your bet. Is it worth playing at the lower RTP settings? That really is not anything that we can make the call on and is something that you will have to decide for yourself.

If it is a question of the gameplay though we are going to have to say that it is rather well thought out and not a case of simply grinding through the base game until you either trigger the free spins or simply buy them outright because you are tired of waiting.

The base game on this slot is actually rather good thanks to the Queen respins which can spread wilds across the reels and the fact that symbols can appear as Stacked symbols.

The 6th reel can also be brought into play and as all these features are also available during the free spins round it is then that this slot really comes into its own.

We had an absolute blast playing The Red Queen slot demo and it is a slot that we highly recommend both for free demo play or for real money play at one of our recommended online casinos.

It might not have the highest maximum win amount that we have seen from high variance slots as of late but 5000x your bet is a good number and a win somewhere near or even at this amount certainly seems possible based on our experience playing the free demo.

So if you are keen to try this exclusive early access demo slot visit our Pragmatic Play slot demo section where you will find this slot as well as several other demo versions of upcoming Pragmatic Play slot machines.