Nitropolis 4 Demo: A sneak peek into Elk Studios’ latest slot creation

Nitropolis 4 demo slot Elk Studios

Nitropolis 4 is an upcoming slot by Elk Studios that is scheduled to be released worldwide on the 23rd of February 2023. Once again though the team at are able to bring you an exclusive sneak peak at this long awaited slot by making the Nitropolis 4 demo slot available for you to play on our site.

Players of highly volatile slots with massive potential and fans of Elk Studios and the three previously released slots in the series will be quite pleased when they try our Nitropolis 4 demo slot.

As you would expect for a slot in this series which in all fairness have gained a reputation for being highly volatile and quite brutal Elk Studios have once again set the maximum win amount to a pretty eye watering 50000x your bet.

This does mean of course that the volatility on this slot which is rated as high by the provider should not be underestimated and we really do need to reiterate that this is not a slot machine aimed at the more casual player.

It’s definitely a great looking slot and the same familiar characters along with the rather insane (but loveable) scenery makes a welcome return.

Elk Studios really do only release a limited number of slots each year a strategy which basically ensures that all the visuals are first rate and the gameplay is always extremely well thought out.

Thanks to the staggering number of ways to win and a really large number of features Nitropolis 4 is not an easy slot to understand.

First of all there are not just a couple of Nitro Booster Modifiers, there are in fact 8 of them and they are Redrop, Both Ways, Max Rows, Garbage Collect, Nitro Appear, Nitro Wild, Nitro Upgrade and Nitro Match.

And it that is not enough we also have the Nitro Reels, Nitro Modifiers, Giant Symbols and of course a free spins round which you can trigger normally or by buying it with the Xiter feature which Elk Studios includes with all slots released in the last 12 months.

In other words Nitropolis 4 is a slot that has so many features that it really is hard to figure out what is going on at times.

It is most certainly capable of handing out a big win when it wants to but it is also more than capable of taking a lot money before it decides to do so. We should also let you know that for some reason Elk Studios have decided to make the return to player 94% which is of course on the wrong side of 96% which is where we at would like to see it. Granted they normally use 95% but the Nitropolis 4 marks the second slot in a row where it is now 94% so do keep that in the back of your mind when deciding whether or not to play this slot for real money.

Now we could go on and explain all the details by writing a lot more but we honestly feel that the only way for you to get to grips with this rather insane slot machine is to play the demo quite extensively.

And this is of course is something you can do by visiting our Elk Studios demo slot section where we always give you early access to upcoming Elk Studios slots by making the free demo version available to play which naturally is the best way to get a sneak preview at future releases.