Play the Exciting Fire Archer Demo Slot for Free

Fire Archer Demo Slot

While Pragmatic Play might be the provider that releases the most slots every single year it does not mean that they are incapable of coming up with new and exciting innovations in slots as is illustrated very well by the upcoming slot machine Fire Archer whose demo slot version is available to play for free only at

Granted there are a number of slots made by Pragmatic Play that we would have to rate average but this is par for the course when you are releasing slots at the rate of one or two every single week.

Nothing wrong with that as not every slot can feature innovate and new features and frankly we would not want them too as releasing some quite similar slots when they all incorporate some excellent gameplay is what helped turn Pragmatic Play into one of the leading providers of slot machines in the industry in a relatively short period of time.

The months preceding this post as actually a pretty good illustration of the above with quite a few similar slots being released that offered very little in the way of new features.

Does it mean these slots were not well received by players? Absolutely not and in fact a couple of these slots were some of the best that Pragmatic Play have created in 2022.

But if you are anything like the Demo Slots Fun team you will get more excited when you get to play a Pragmatic Play demo slot that really has something new to offer especially when that something new turns out to be quite an exciting something.

Sometimes innovations are big things and sometimes they are small things and in the case of the Fire Archer demo slot it is a single and relatively straight forward feature that got us excited when we first played the Fire Archer slot demo.

The feature in question is called Super Wilds and what this means is that a target appears on the reels (quite apt since Fire Archer is a Robin Hood themed slot after all) and this target is surrounded by arrows pointing in different directions.

Some of these directions then get activated and Wilds spread out heading for the outside of the reels.

It may not sound like much but it really does add another dimension to the gameplay and it gets better during the free spins round where it has different levels each creating more excitement than the last.

Obviously describing things in words is a lot harder then having you experience it for yourself so we highly recommend that you give the Fire Archer demo a few spins.

Granted the maximum win amount of Fire Archer is a little on the low side but since your playing in demo mode that is not going to matter and Fire Archer really is a fun slot to play in demo mode not just because the Super Wilds are a great feature but because the Robin Hood theme really has been very well put together by the designers at Pragmatic Play.