Site Relocation to Demo Slots Fun

Hello everyone, as you have likely noticed Online Casino Slots News ( is no more and you now find yourself on our new domain Demo Slots Fun (

Why this move? Well its not something that we undertook lightly but since we had been operating on our old site for a number of years we started to think more about the direction that we were heading in.

But in short aside from technical reasons we thought that this new domain Demo Slots Fun much better sums up what we are all about and that is making free demo slots available to play for you for fun.

This message is what we have basically been saying all along, we bring you exclusive and new demo slots, provide you with basic review information and a functional demo version and you get to try the slot and discover whether you like it or not, ie is the new slot fun or is it not?

If you have read any of our slot reviews you will realise that we deliberately review in the way that we do because some slots are actually just.a lot of fun to discover and play for the first time.

All that being said we also made some pretty major technical upgrades so we can deliver you our demo slots faster and this holds especially true for those that are visiting us for a mobile device.

We continue to receive a lot of visitors from all over the world and we want to make sure they all have the best demo slot experience possible.

So while the look of the site might not have changed the way it delivers content most certainly has, this upgrade should serve us well for the coming years.

So in conclusion we trust you will continue to enjoy playing free demo slots on our site, we are going to be making a few additional changes in the coming weeks and add some more features, new demo slots will start to be added again from today.

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