Unleash your inner prospector and play Playtech’s Gold Rush Cash Collect demo slot game

Gold Rush Cash Collect Demo Slot

Get ready to unleash your inner prospector and strike it rich with Playtech’s Gold Rush Cash Collect demo slot game. This long awaited slot based upon the hit TV Series “Gold Rush” is now available to play for free on demoslotsfun.com.

To say that this was a slot that was hotly anticipated by the Demo Slot Fun team would be an understatement. Most of us have been watching the various shows that make up the “Gold Rush” franchise on Discovery and we go as far back as to when the Parker was working at his grandfathers mine.

Check out the Gold Rush Cash Collect demo slot and you will see that Playtech have done a good job of bringing the main characters from the show into the slot’s theme. In fact the whole theme is pretty well done albeit in typical Playtech style which we know from player feedback is not something that everyone can appreciate.

We do rather like what the Playtech design team have come up with and it definitely made us want to play the slot demo to see what would happen and of course to see if we could prospect for some digital gold when playing it.

We always try the demo slot before playing any slot for real money to learn how it works and whether or not it fits our playing style. That last is of course also a matter of the numbers so let’s see how they stack up for Gold Rush Cash Collect.

It is a 5 reel slot with 30 paylines that comes with low variance and a maximum win amount of 500x your bet.

That last number really is rather small even though this slot is not very volatile. The RTP is also on the wrong side of 96% and comes in at 95.62%. Add to this the fact that Playtech casinos can select even lower RTP settings and in all honesty things do not look that great numbers wise.

Now if like us you are familiar with Playtech slot machines you will have encountered the Cash Collect feature before. Its a feature that we like and adding it to this slot is certainly a good move.

However there really is not much else to this slot and with the numbers not exactly being fantastic we cannot help but feel that Playtech have missed an important opportunity to create something really good with a slot based on the popular TV show.

The more we played the Gold Rush Cash Collect demo the more we got the feel that it was simply a copy of an older Playtech slot machine that has been given a thematic update. We then checked back to some older Cash Collect slots which just confirmed that suspicion.

Does that matter to us? Well yes and no. It’s still a fun slot to play because its features are good and fans of the show who like slots will likely want to give it a spin.

Ultimately we were hoping for a lot more though and so this will be one Playtech slot machine that we will not be playing for real money ourselves.

You can however check out the Gold Rush Cash Collect slot demo by visiting our Playtech demo slots page where you will also find popular, new and some more upcoming slots from this provider.