Wikiluck Casino Review

Wikiluck Casino might not have been around for a very long time but it is one online casino that is certainly making waves in the online casino industry.

Wikiluck was founded in 2021 by a group of industry professionals and almost out of nowhere has become one of the fastest growing and most popular online casinos in the world.

Reason enough for us at demo slots fun to dedicate a review to Wikiluck on our site where we take a look at just why Wikiluck has managed to create and maintain such massive growth in an industry which sees plenty of new online casinos but where few survive let alone thrive like Wikiluck Casino is clearly doing.

But let’s start at the beginning and explain just how relatively easy it is (yes even in these days) to open a new online casino. There is a reason why you are bombarded with new online casinos every day. And it is simply that due to modern technology it has become more affordable to open an online casino.

There are a number of companies that will arrange an online casino for you a relatively low initial investment. We cannot get into specific numbers but these days it is certainly within the grasp of a lot more smaller companies to enter into the online casino industry.

One purchases a turnkey solution and just a few short months later you will be the proud owner of an online casino with a license in one of several jurisdictions around the world.

Now there is of course nothing wrong with this at all but there is a downside and we will discuss that a little further on in our analysis of Wikiluck Casino.

Wikiluck casino is a fully regulated online casino running on a Curacao gaming license which allows it to offer slots and various casino games in a huge number of countries.

Its a solid license and the Curacao regulation continues to improve and be used by a large number of new and existing online casinos.

So far so good.

Now you of course like us want to play at an online casino that has all of your favorite slots and casino games. So in our case we would expect slots by Pragmatic Play, iSoftbet, Play’n GO, Nolimit City and many more.

As you can see for yourself on their website Wikiluck casino brings you all these and then some. In fact all the leading provides and all of the up and coming ones whose slots we have on demo slots fun are available for you to play. They also have a wide variety of casino games and even live casino games if that is your thing.

The next area we consider important is banking, we do not just want to be able to deposit money easily, we want to be able to withdraw it easily as well.

Once again this is an area where Wikiluck has you covered. They have deposit and withdrawal methods specific to many countries and you can even use various cryptocurrencies to play.

And now we get to the reason why so many casinos fail either by accident or by deliberate management. You have probably guessed what we are going to talk about next and yes it is what sets aside a great casino from a bad one.

We are indeed talking about player support. It’s nice to have a casino with lots of slots and games and its great to be able to deposit there and even receive a great bonus and/or free spins for doing so.

But then you win try to withdraw and run into an issue, or there is an issue with your deposit, or the slot that you were playing crashed and shows the wrong balance.

Naturally if this happens you contact support and this is where things with some casinos go horribly wrong.

Chalk it up to inexperience in the best case or just downright lack of care in the worse case scenario.

You need help getting your funds and it turns out that help is the last thing they are interested in providing to you.

Sound like a horror story? Well we are sure that unfortunately this has happened to some of you reading this, it has certainly happened to us in the past even playing at casinos that we thought were reputable.

Well we looked into Wikiluck casino and confirmed that we are dealing with people that not only have a vast number of years of experience in the industry but that they also have an excellent track record when it comes to dealing with players.

And this dear reader is why we feel confident in saying that Wikiluck casino is one casino that is worth both your time and money.

It also explains why in the space of less than one year this casino has grown so quickly and become massively popular with players from around the world.